Alberta SPCA

Ooodles of Doodles was featured in an Educational Video on Choosing a Reputable Breeder by the Alberta SPCA. You can see this video here:

The Inner Circle with Carrie Doll Podcast

Candice and Bill Farrell, owners of Ooodles of Doodles, were Carrie’s guests on Episode 121 her podcast. Enjoy this look into the history of Ooodles of Doodles and getting to know the Farrell’s warm personality and passion for Goldendoodles.

Our first in a series of Meg Tucker Talks videos!

Enjoy a sneak peak into how we do things at Ooodles of Doodles.



2nd Annual Puppy Giveaway


November 18, 2018 marks the launch of our 2nd Annual Puppy Giveaway contest.

Click HERE for details.

2nd Annual Puppy Giveaway

A huge thank you to all of you who have nominated either an individual or a family. We had a lot of nominations. It was a hard pick. However, we did pick not just one recipient as planned. It was too hard for us to narrow it down to only one. So, we picked three recipients. Check out who these very happy recipients are!

The Ooodles Difference

What makes us different and set us apart? Meg Tucker takes us on location to answer this question.