Meet Our Mothers

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Annie is a sweet girl who loves her people, her human brothers and her puppy sister Charlie. She is very smart and spirited. Annie enjoys walks and the dog park. She loves to give kisses, have her belly rubbed and snuggle up when she goes to sleep.  She brings so much joy to everyone she meets.  She is a 30lb F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and Ringo.

Ava is our spunky little sweetheart! She is happy and playful but with a very calm temperament. She is super smart and was a joy to train.  Ava is a mini Multigen Double Doodle.  She will produce puppies in a rainbow of colors. She weighs only 12 lbs but makes up for it in personality.


Birdy is an F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Mishka and Ringo.  She is a beautiful dark Apricot colour and weighs around 30lbs.  Birdy has been a wonderful addition to her guardian family.  She is calm, loving and playful and always excited to see her humans. She is great with children and loves to meet new humans and dogs. Birdy is always up for a good cuddle or a game of fetch!

Beautiful Blossom is an F1 Standard Goldendoodle from Gina and Urban.  She weighs around 55lbs and is dark apricot/red in color.  She is a big snuggle baby and loves to give hugs. She is the sweetest, most loving girl who enjoys playtime, walks and fetch.  She loves her humans and furry friends alike.

Chama is our mini medium multigenerational English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. She weighs 26 lbs and is a gorgeous Chocolate Merle.  Her personality is amazing. She is sweet and tender-hearted, playful and confident.  The perfect little package! She is super snuggly and loves her walks and exploring.


Charlotte is our beautiful standard F1 Goldendoodle from Gina and Urban.  Charlotte, or Princess Charlotte as her guardian pawrents like to call her, is a super sweet, cuddly and playful girl.  Her favourite things are anything to do with the outdoors including walks, fetch (tennis balls are life!) puddle jumping and endless games of tag with her canine cousins.  She also loves to learn new tricks and is very obedient especially when treats are involved.

Dahlia is a teeny tiny English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Violet and Ringo. Her colouring is a very unique cafe Merle. She is only 12 lbs but full of spunk and personality.  She is the perfect mix of smart, sweet and sassy! Dahlia is the heart of her family and is loved everywhere she goes. Great things come in small packages and her family thinks she is simply the greatest!

Ella is a mini F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.  Her parents are Anna and Ringo.  She is a soft apricot color and weighs 25lbs.  She is a joy to have around, a smart and eager learner and very in tune with her people. 

Meet Emmy. She is one of our Ruby and Ringo pups. Emmy is an F1 Goldendoodle and weighs around 25 lbs.  She has a sweet and happy nature and loves to be with her people.


Franki is a F1 Mini English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and Ringo. She weighs 28lbs and is an apricot Parti.  Franki is sweet and gentle with a curious and intelligent nature. She is quick to learn and loves her time with people, especially the little ones. She is very social and gets along well with other animals, even birds.

Gelato is the perfect combination of playful and cuddly. She is well behaved and loves to do tricks for treats! She loves her humans (especially mom) and all other dogs.  She gives a big smile when she greets you at the door and loves to hold your hand in her mouth as a show of affection. She is just splendid! Gelato is an F3 Standard English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Charlie and Guinness and weighs about 45lbs.

Georgia is our F1 Mini Goldendoodle from Lucy and Ringo. She is a beautiful abstract red and weighs 35lbs.  Georgia has a loving and gentle personality and is very inquisitive.  She is social, outgoing and loves to explore anything new. She loves water, playing fetch and just being a great companion to her Guardian.


Gina is one of our beautiful golden retrievers. She is 75 lbs of playful happiness. She is gentle and affectionate and loves every person and animal that comes her way. Her favorite pastime is chasing her frisbee and hanging out with her humans. She has a kind inquisitive nature and an easygoing personality.


Gracie is a beautiful green eyed dark red golden retriever.  She is very loving and playful.  Gracie is very friendly with other dogs and children.  She and her sister Déjà, the golden doodle, are best buddies and love their morning walks and afternoon playtime. Gracie weight approximately 65 lbs.


Meet Harper, she is a beautiful F1 Mini English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and Ringo. Harper is a goofy, fun loving girl with a whole lot of personality. She is gentle and so smart. She loves everyone and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Harper is gentle with all children, adults and loves to play with other dogs. She is high energy when you need her to be and the perfect snuggle pup when your watching movie! She is the perfect size and is the softest teddy bear.


Hattie is our gorgeous F1B Goldendoodle from Emmy and Spud. She weighs 19 lbs and is a beautiful dark apricot parti.  She is playful and happy and very attached to her humans. She is definitely up for a good walk but also loves to just hang out and cuddle. Smart and eager to please, she catches on to new things quickly.

Isla is our beautiful F1 Goldendoodle from Leary and Ringo! She weighs 25lbs and has a gorgeous dark Apricot Abstract coat.  She is fun loving and active but also enjoys quiet time with her people. Smart and easy to train, she is a confident little girl who loves to check out new things.

Sweet, smart and tender hearted, this little girl has it all. Izzy loves her people and is a great companion. Playtime with her sister Isla and snuggling on her person’s lap are her two  favorite things to do! She is an F1 mini Goldendoodle from Leary and Ringo and weighs 28lbs.

Kona is a gorgeous standard English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Mishka and Urban. She is the kind of dog that you dream of owning. She has a very laid back and relaxed temperament and is amazing with young children.  She is smart and easy to train and is an amazing companion to her guardian family.

Korra  is an apricot Mini F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Mishka and Ringo. She is a sweet, smart and sassy girl who loves a good cuddle. Outgoing yet calm, Korra enjoys being around other people and animals but is very dedicated to her humans. She loves anything to do with water and has a very playful personality.


Layla is our Mini F3 Double Doodle from Wonton and Flynn.  She is an Aussiedoodle Goldendoodle Mix weighing approximately 25 lbs. She is a smart, happy, energetic pup that loves cuddle time with her people. Layla loves playing fetch, going for walks and car rides.

Leary is a typical Golden retriever.  Smart and inquisitive. A fast learner. Sweet gentle personality and devoted to her people.  Loves her kids and other dogs.

Liza is our mini f1b Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.  She weighs around 10 lbs and has a soft curly coat. She is spunky and full of fun but also has a quiet personality and is a great companion to her humans.  We are looking forward to some teeny tiny teddy bears from her.

Lola is our F1b mini English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Maggie and Spud. She weighs around 18lbs and is a beautiful red abstract.  She is happy, social and very loving.  Playtime and hanging out with her Guardian Family and her doodle sister Layla are tops on her list.
She is smart and eager to learn new things.


Luna is a loving, funny and energetic girl.  She enjoys a game of tug of war when she finds a sock and she loves to give kisses.  She loves to fetch, play in the water and ride on a paddle board.  She has an inquisitive and calm demeanor and is a very fast learner.  She is very loving towards everyone that she meets and gets along well with all dogs. She is a 30lb F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and Ringo.

Maggie will melt your heart with her beautiful eyes.  She is smart as a whip, full of vim and vigor and loves to play.  She loves her cuddle time with her humans. Maggies looks to please and seems keenly aware if someone needs a little extra love on any given day.  Her puppies will bring nothing but joy, fun and laughter to many homes.  She is a 25lb F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and RIngo.

Maui is a beautiful standard English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.  Her parents are Mishka and Urban.  She has a happy disposition and a calm and gentle nature. Maui is happiest with her people and her kids and is a devoted companion to them.

Miley is a bundle of happiness in a tiny package! She is an F1B mini Goldendoodle weighing 20 bls from Remi and Spud. Fun loving, active and always up for something new. Just cuddling and hanging out with her humans is also one of her favorite things to do. The perfect little goldendoodle!

Mishka is our beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever. She is a full sister to Anna and has the beautiful full coat and heavy bone structure that we love so much.  She is a calm but playful girl and like most Goldens she loves her people, her toys, swimming and retrieving.

Olive is our Chocolate Abstract F3 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Stella and Flynn.  She is smart and inquisitive and eager to explore.  She has a happy and playful nature and the most beautiful amber eyes. She weighs around 45lbs with a soft wavy coat.

Pippi is a sweetheart dog who always seems happy and content. Always nearby for a play and a snuggle, she is great with children and other animals.  Her favorite things are belly rubs, going for walks and cuddling with her family.  She is an F1 mini English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and Ringo and weighs 25lbs.

Poppy is a beautiful F1 Goldendoodle from Daisy and Ringo. She weighs around 30lbs and is a beautiful dark apricot colour.  She is equal parts calm and friendly and energetic and playful. She loves being with her humans and is eager to join in on any adventure.  She is extremely loveable and is referred to as a fluffy teddy bear with any new people that she meets.


Remi is a Mini F1 Goldendoodle weighing 18-20 lbs. from Ruby and Ringo. She is small and spunky. She is a sweet girl that listens well and learns quickly. She is lovable and full of cuddles and keeps us laughing with her funny sense of humour.

Sadie is a beautiful F1b min Goldendoodle. She is very sweet and so much fun. She loves to play and always greets her family with a happy dance. She is friendly and kind, smart and playful. She brings lots of love, joy and laughter into her guardian family’s home. She has a soft wavy coat and weighs 24lbs.

Tanzy is a beautiful gem from Ruby and Ringo! She is an F1 Goldendoodle weighing around 30lbs.  She is smart and loving, playful and affectionate. Tansy is an amazing companion to her guardian family.

Taffy is tons of fun and definitely likes to be the center of attention. She is smart and playful and loves to cuddle. She is a mini F1 Goldendoodle, around 27lbs and a beautiful red.

Trinkett is an F3 Standard English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Charlie and Guinness. She weighs about 50 lbs.  She is an absolute joy to have around, with her goofy and playful nature and her love for all people and dogs.  She is smart and quick to learn, affectionate and playful with the most beautiful amber eyes.

Violet is our mini cafe au lait parti Goldendoodle weighing approximately 35 lbs.  She has a beautiful temperament, a sweet and loving girl.  She will produce a wide range of colors and pups with a calm and loving nature.