Meet Our Mothers

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Anna is our beautiful Golden Retriever.  She has European lines that give her a nice stocky bone structure . She is affectionate and playful and still thinks she is a lap dog. She produces gorgeous Teddy Bear Doodles.


Annie is a sweet girl who loves her people, her human brothers and her puppy sister Charlie. She is very smart and spirited. Annie enjoys walks and the dog park. She loves to give kisses, have her belly rubbed and snuggle up when she goes to sleep.  She brings so much joy to everyone she meets.  She is a 30lb F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and Ringo.

Bailey is 18 lbs and a gorgeous apricot coloured doodle. She is a very smart, happy and affectionate girl who loves to cuddle. She brings a lot of joy to her family. She will be producing some teeny tiny doodles for us.

Bella is a cutie pie! She is sweet, bouncy, energetic, social, a clown, loves other dogs and people. She is light as a feather and agile. She loves to play! Her fur is so soft and makes it is a joy to pet and cuddle with. Bella is a delight!

Charlie is our standard Chocolate and White F1Parti Doodle.  She has a gentle and quiet nature and is eager to please.  Her puppies have beautiful coloring and calm and loving temperaments.

Chloe is a little sweetheart! She has beautiful dark eyes and a cute little black nose and will charm her way into your heart! She is a gorgeous red and black brindle English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.

Our quirky girl Clover… She is kind and smart and so lovable. She quickly became the centre of our family. She loves to go for walks and playing in the yards with her sibling, Gem. She has the calmest and most easy going personality. She truly is a sweetheart in every manner. We feel thankful to have her as part of our family and have no doubt that she will mother beautiful lovable pups for many families to enjoy.

Sweet and loving, playful and fun. Daisey will steal your heart. She is a small golden retriever with beautiful dark coloring. In typical retriever fashion she is gentle and kind and loves her people.

Deja is a 45 lb F1 Goldendoodle with a soft wavy variegated golden coat and white chest.  Her bone structure is more similar to a golden retriever than a poodle.  She is very gentle with children, interacts well with most dogs, loves going for walks, playing fetch or just sitting on the deck watching birds.  Deja has a inquisitive silly side, like thinking animals on television are real.  She is currently in obedience classes and is doing well.

Miss Gem… Our rambunctious wild child with a heart of gold. Her tail is always wagging and her tongue out. Gem quickly claimed my daughter as hers and follows her everywhere. Gem loves to snuggle and get the belly rubs. We love her fun personality and how she brings so much joy to Clover and our lives. Gems is always up for a good play or a long walk. We feel so blessed to have been able to add her to our family. We know that her pups are going to provide so much happiness to other families.

Honey is an English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. She is a very smart, very loving and intuitive girl.
She enjoys socializing with other dogs and, to get attention from her Human friends, she only has to bat her beautiful long eyelashes and she has everyone around her melting.  She enjoys spending time with the Five Grandchildren in her guardian home and is very gentle with them.   She loves her toys and especially loves to play ball.

Hope is our beautiful F1 standard sized Goldendoodle. Her guardian family wrote this description of her.

“Hope was brought into our family to give “hope” to my husband who has a terminal brain tumour.  She is gentle, sweet, and caring.  She can easily navigate her way around wheelchairs, listens well, and was very easy to house train.    Patting her fur is like touching a cotton ball.  She loves her family and regularly plays with my daughters’ dogs.  She gently takes treats out of our hands.  She loves to meet all new people and dogs.   We could not asked for a better pup.”  Ryta Power

Liza is our mini f1b Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.  She weighs around 10 lbs and has a soft curly coat. She is spunky and full of fun but also has a quiet personality and is a great companion to her humans.  We are looking forward to some teeny tiny teddy bears from her.


Luna is a loving, funny and energetic girl.  She enjoys a game of tug of war when she finds a sock and she loves to give kisses.  She loves to fetch, play in the water and ride on a paddle board.  She has an inquisitive and calm demeanor and is a very fast learner.  She is very loving towards everyone that she meets and gets along well with all dogs. She is a 30lb F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and Ringo.


Maggie will melt your heart with her beautiful eyes.  She is smart as a whip, full of vim and vigor and loves to play.  She loves her cuddle time with her humans. Maggies looks to please and seems keenly aware if someone needs a little extra love on any given day.  Her puppies will bring nothing but joy, fun and laughter to many homes.  She is a 25lb F1 English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle from Anna and RIngo.

Nikki is a mini F1 Goldendoodle with a deep red coat and a sweet personality. Nikki is eager to please, smart and gentle. She loves to run and play and just hang out with her people.

Nova is an F1b Goldendoodle with beautiful colouring and she weighs about 30 lbs.  She has a laid back, happy personality.


Paisley is our 30 lb F1B Goldendoodle. She is a daughter of Tessa and Spin so will carry on their great personalities. She is a great companion and really loves being with her people.

Ruby is our beautiful red golden retriever.  She is smart and inquisitive, very social and loving. She is on the smaller side for a golden and will produce beautiful red and dark apricot puppies.


Remi is a Mini F1 Goldendoodle from Ruby and Ringo. She is small and spunky. She is a sweet girl that listens well and learns quickly. She is lovable and full of cuddles and keeps us laughing with her funny sense of humour.

Taffy is tons of fun and definitely likes to be the center of attention. She is smart and playful and loves to cuddle. She is a mini F1 Goldendoodle, around 27lbs and a beautiful red.

Tish is a happy go lucky gal with a great personality. In Tish’s world, toys are her #1 priority, you will rarely catch her without something dangling out of her mouth. She has strong retriever qualities. Willow and Urban are her parents. She is 54lbs and has an amazing coat of wavy non shedding fluff.

Violet is our mini cafe au lait parti Goldendoodle.  She has a beautiful temperament, a sweet and loving girl.  She will produce a wide range of colors and pups with a calm and loving nature.

Zoey is s mini Multigen double doodle.  She has a sweet and playful personality and a calm and gentle demeanour.  Zoey is a beautiful chocolate phantom and weighs around 18 lbs.