Our Team

Candice’s love of animals began when she was a child in Northern BC. After she and Bill were married they raised and showed Rough Collies for a number of years. After hearing about and being intrigued by Goldendoodles they got Peaches, a female mini Goldendoodle and Fez, a miniature male poodle.

They had their 1st litter of Goldendoodles in the summer of 2007 and Ooodles of Doodles was born. They then began slowly growing and in 2014 Candice decided to devote all her energy to raising quality Goldendoodles.

Candice has always been a trendsetter, recognizing what appeals to people seeking a quality puppy and has successfully been able to obtain top quality breeding stock. She no longer needs to seek out female breeding dogs as she keeps back ones that she has raised as replacements and has an eye for what puppies have the characteristics she likes.

She has developed a successful Guardian Home program which ensures all her breeding dogs are pets first and have their own families to care for them and they are all retired at a young age.

Candice has brought happiness to many families with puppies she has raised and she has had lots of repeat customers. Her passion for raising top quality dogs and compassion for people has made her one of the top Doodle breeders and her puppies are in homes across Canada and the US.


My name is Tracy Mckay and I was born and raised in Red Deer. My husband Darryl and I raised 2 girls and 1 boy and are now grandparents to 10 amazing children.

Golden retrievers have always been my heart dogs.  At one time we had three lovely goldens as part of our family.  I met Candice and became a guardian to Saje and that started my love of Doodles.

I am now the manager at Ooodles of Doodles. The only thing better than taking care of all of these sweet babies is seeing how happy they make people when they leave for their forever homes.


My name is Judy Herbert.  I have always enjoyed dogs and they have always been a source of joy to me.

I was introduced to the joy of doodles only 4 and a half years ago when we were invited to look into the world of being a guardian home for one of Ooodles of Doodles future moms by our sister-in-law.  When life brought us closer in proximity to Red Deer,  I learned of a job opening and jumped at the chance to learn more about Doodles and be more involved than just as a guardian home.

Doodles are a special mix and it is a joy to work with so many and see their puppies grow and go to amazing families on puppy days.

When I am not at Ooodles of Doodles, I enjoy life in Lacombe, spending time with my husband, cooking, baking, listening to music, spending time with friends, being a mom to 4 grown children and doing crafts.  And spending time with my own dogs, Piper, Bella, and Misty.

I have been a member of the Ooodles Team since May 2016. I am a horse girl through and through and have owned and operated Emerald Acres Boarding Stables for 7 years. I have a passion for dogs and horses and my family includes 2 pit bulls and 2 chihuahuas. My husband Brad and I have a son named Lyric who is an animal lover as well.  I enjoy outdoor time, horseback riding and singing and playing my guitar.