What Sets Us Apart

We start with top quality, healthy breeding dogs, many of which were bred by us and born at the house. Others are carefully researched to make sure they are the right fit for our program.

We use a guardian home program so all of our dogs are pets first. They are walked, played with and loved on a daily basis.

Our dogs are fed a top quality raw food diet and receive supplements daily. We believe in a natural approach and highly recommend the raw food diet.  The supplements we use on a daily basis are pre and probiotics, green lipped mussel, earth greens and a rotation of oils.

All of the pups are born in my bedroom. From there the puppies are weighed daily and closely watched.  Mom is started on calcium supplements and along with her quality food she gets goodies like cottage cheese, salmon and eggs cooked in coconut oil. Mothers pudding is fed daily to mom while she is nursing. Keeping the whelping pools clean, dry and comfortable is very important. A heating pad is used in the first 2 weeks to help regulate body temperatures.  On day 3 we start early neurological stimulation with the pups. It is a series of 5 exercises done to improve cardiovascular performance, strengthen heartbeat, strengthen adrenal glands, increase the tolerance to stress, improve resistance to disease. This along with daily handling and cuddling give the puppies a great start.

Please know that I stand behind my puppies 100% and will be there to support you through the lifetime of your puppy. We do our best to make sure you are taking home a healthy puppy.

We are vet recommended, people recommended and have tons of repeat customers.