Early Neurological stimulation (ENS) and Early scent Introduction (ESI)

Nicki is here to introduce you to our pups’ morning routine starting at 3 days old up to when they are 16 days old.

What are ENS and ESI for puppies?

Early Neurological stimulation (ENS) and Early scent Introduction (ESI) ENS are simple exercises to which we expose our puppies from days 3-16 to help aid their development, resilience and coping mechanisms.

These early puppy stimulation exercises don’t take long to perform but can pay off huge dividends in the long run.

Benefits of introducing early puppy stimulation exercises

  • Boost brain development
  • Improves circulation and immune system
  • Stimulates the neurological system
  • Improves stress responses in later life
  • Encourages a daily physical check of each puppy

ENS Tutorial for newborn puppies

Early Neurological Stimulation is a concept developed by Dr Carmen Battaglia, a breeder, AKC judge, researcher and writer.

It encompasses tactile stimulation, thermal stimulation and exposure to mild stressors, which improve your puppies’ stress responses.